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Saturday, February 20, 2010

SLO View

Countdown begins! In less than three weeks my favorite event of the year—the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival—will bring filmmakers, film buffs, and celebrities to our tiny little paradise. This premiere 10-day event will span SLO County, showcasing films by up-and-coming filmmakers (as well as international and classic films), bringing many special guests to the county.

And don't forget the special events! Complete with excellent SLO wines and cuisine from around the county, VIP guests and remarkable films, this year's lineup can't be beat. Three Hollywood & Vines Events will take place in different parts of the county: Tribute to David Carradine; St. Patrick's Day Celebration; and A Night at the Moulin Rouge. Then there are the Red Carpet Events: An Evening at Santa Margarita Ranch; Surf Nite in SLO; and The Independent Film Awards & King Vidor Award Presentation to Alan Arkin.

Today, a fellow film festival volunteer and I drove the scenic route of Highway 46 West through Paso Robles, on our way to Cambria to pick up donations for the festival. Massive, fluffy clouds filled the county, sometimes spilling over and spattering the already lush green hillsides. We stopped on a turnout (this stopping point is located just a few miles past the vineyard-strewn stretch of 46), to absorb the flourishing valley below and the dominating clouds above.
This breathtaking view, shadowed by silver-lined clouds and clear blue patches of sky, allowed us to see all the way to Morro Bay; the small silhouette of Morro Rock jutted from just beyond the green hills.

Grazing cows dotted the tranquil landscape.

Standing here today... I felt blessed to live in this tiny little paradise.

I look forward to stumbling upon more awesome views, and of the exciting film festival events spanning the county March 12th - 21st!


Camille said...

You are so lucky to live in SLO! I hope to live there someday. What a great place.

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Cinema SLO said...

This is really a charming website! You express everything that is beautiful in SLO. I will definitely come back!
Thanks for visiting my cinema SLO blog :)

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