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Thursday, March 18, 2010

SLOIFF, Day 6!

You never know where life will take you. 19 years ago, on July 13, 1991, I snapped this picture in Cong, Ireland, where the Oscar winning movie The Quiet Man was filmed (back in the early 1950's). On the evening of March 17, 2010—I found myself celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Atascadero, California. What's the connection? The movie, of course.

The 16th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival hosted a Hollywood & Vines Event at the Pavilion on the Lake in Atascadero, which included a lovely reception followed by a screening of the The Quiet Man. Guests milled about at this Irish-themed soirée, sampling local wines and food provided by Pacific Harvest Catering while listening to the lovely sounds of the young Celtic quartet. The tasty light supper included delicacies such as a rich lamb stew, festive corned beef pasties, and hearty corned beef and cabbage stew. Of course there was beer, and five local wineries poured some of their best creations.

I worked my way around the room and began my wine tasting adventure with Wildhorse Winery, sampling their excellent Verdehlo, Blaufrankisch, and Pinot Noir. (I apologize for not remembering vintages—I enjoyed myself too much eating, drinking, and mingling). Next up: Stacked Stone Cellars. I delighted in one of their Rhone blends, a Meritage, and their Zin Stone. Then I moved on to some familiar friends, Frolicking Frog—and once again enjoyed their smooth Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Sculpterra Winery's lovely Statuesque and Cabernet Sauvignon came next. Last but not least, I tried J & J Cellars Merlot and Tempranillo for the first time. There wasn't a single winery that didn't merit itself in taking part in this Hollywood-style extravaganza.

Then we settled down for the movie, introduced by Irish filmmaker, Joel Conroy (the director of WAVERIDERSscreening Thursday evening at Surf Nite). The Quiet Man, one of Joel's favorite films that was influential in his start as a filmmaker, stars John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Set amidst the picturesque countryside in Ireland, this movie depicts the story of an American who swears off boxing after accidentally killing an opponent. Returning to the Irish town of his birth, John Wayne's character falls in love with the fiery red-head played by Maureen O'Hara and finds himself pitted against her brother, the town bully. Part of this delightful classic was filmed in the Pat Cohan bar (see picture above). When I traveled in Ireland, the building remained, but I didn't find a drop of alcohol, as this establishment only served up gasoline and candy.
Ah, the Irish.

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