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Friday, March 19, 2010

SLOIFF, Day 7!

Irish waves rocked the Fremont Theatre. The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival's annual Surf Nite in SLO brought Irish director, Joel Conroy, for a screening of his mind-blowing surf film, Waveriders. Shot in 35 millimeter film—effecting a raw, edgy, almost timeless feel to the movie—the stunning footage of big wave surfing along Ireland's cold, forbidding Atlantic coastline left the audience shammed.

Tracing Ireland's roots in modern day surfing and paying homage to George Freeth, the father of modern surfing with Hawaiian and Irish ancestry, this film followed the wave of surfing culture from west coast America to Ireland's stunning coastlines. The Fremont's giant screen played the perfect backdrop for Ireland's ferocious waves; the jaw-dropping footage of surfer Gabe Davies' wild ride after a fierce storm, conquering one of Ireland's largest waves ever surfed, stunned us all. Gabe and Lauren Davies (co-writer) were in attendance, and provided the audience with a question-and-answer session after this epic film, along with Joel and other VIP guests, including Kalani Rob.

The festivities began as the VIP guests arrived Woodie-style in front of the Fremont Theatre.

Joel Conroy on the "green" carpet.

A portion of the proceeds of this event was donated to AmpSurf, a non-profit organization made up of amputees, dedicated to the rehabilitation of those with disabilities, especially war veterans, through adaptive surfing and other fun safe outdoor activities that all can participate in. AmpSurf's founder, Dana Cummings, was in attendance at the event, where he screened a short video illustrating this important program.

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