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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SLOIFF, Last Day!

Sunday morning I discovered a new cure for a mild hangover: Get up at 5:30 a.m.; throw on running gear; desperately try to hydrate; drive 40 minutes to race destination; run five kilometers in 38ºF freezing temperatures.

By the end of Paso Robles' Wine Country Run, 3.1 miles felt like 10, my feet ached from the icy weather (and from cramming my toes into high-heeled shoes for the previous evening's King Vidor Reception, where I sipped too much wine provided by the fabulous vintners Claiborne and Churchill, Pithy Little Wine Co., Baileyana/Tangent Winery, Adelaida Cellars, and Twin Poms Winery)—and even after a brisk 31-minute run, I still shivered. But my hangover? A thing of the past.

I'm still undecided if running this short race helped—or hurt—my 16th Annual San Luis Obispo Film Festival fatigue syndrome, but thankfully my hangover symptoms subsided. Regardless, I'm pleased with myself for not blowing off the race. How easy it would have been to stay in a warm bed while darkness and cold lingered, foregoing my commitment to the endurance training I put myself through these past few months. One small race, but a big triumph for me, considering the obvious.

That afternoon, I managed to drag my weary body to a screening of Miracle in a Box, the audience award-winner for best short film at the fest. This charming tale, created by documentarian John Korty and narrated by John Lithgow, affectionately expressed how a group of dedicated artisans in Oakland, California, were able to breathe life into an old classic 1927 Steinway piano. The painstaking intricacies these passionate artisans undertook to make this instrument new and beautiful again, and the passion they brought to this project—was an exquisite feat.

My aunt Pam, with some of the cast members and artisans of Miracle in a Box at the King Vidor Reception.

The 16th Annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Triumphant.

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Fresh Local and Best said...

You are such a go-getter!
Miracle in a Box sounds like an inspiring film!

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