For better or worse, here I am—trapped in paradise. As long as I continue to live in this vital, inimitable spot on the globe,

I will continue to seek out the unique…the delicious…the innovative products, services and traditions of San Luis Obispo County.

Stay posted for a few of my favorite things.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SLO Reflections

Time sometimes escapes me. I find it hard to believe that just over a year ago I hit “publish” on my computer screen for the first time, sputtering my inaugural blog post out into cyberspace for all to see. Although a writer at heart, I’m a fiercely private individual, someone who does not easily share the details of my day-to-day existence. But my self-professed challenge to seek out the unknown in San Luis Obispo County—a place I had grappled with, as well as reveled in, for the last several years—impelled me to throw myself out there. So I set off on new adventures and my creative juices started to flow. I penned a few words, snapped the occasional picture, and created a lot of absolute memories.

As I reflect on the last 365 days, I cannot help but feel gratitude…a sense of accomplishment…a strong sense of purpose. I’ve discovered novelties about this flourishing county and about myself; forged new friendships and reconnected with old friends; developed  healthy new SLO habits; and now entertain a more positive outlook on life. I bought my first piece of real estate, tested my own limits, and had a few “a-ha” moments about what’s really important. I immersed myself in a community event that I felt passionately about and ended up on the board of directors—a huge feat for me. But the past year wasn’t all rosy. I lost a good friend to an untimely death and dealt with a few conflicts. But here I am. Still moving ahead. Still in SLO.

I will continue to hit "publish," as each story provides me with a huge sense of joy and satisfaction. I appreciate all of my readers, all of the feedback, and all of the encouragement. My blog is an outlet that's pushed me to explore my own backyard and will remain a constructive outlet that helps me connect with you—the reader, the adventurer, the creator of your own reminiscences. As I promised one year ago: As long as I continue to live in this vital, inimitable spot on the globe, I will continue to seek out the innovative…the delicious…the SLO-made products, services, and traditions. For better or worse, here I am—trapped in paradise. Here’s a look at some of my favorite things.

This past year I looked to the SLO hills for a place of quiet reflection as well as a challenging workout. Steep hillsides, stunning views and magnificent landscapes keep me on my inspirational path of exploration, and continue to lead me to new hiking grounds.

With a farmer's market in almost every niche of SLO County, the bright colors and fresh seasonal produce continue to lure me back every week.
Fanciful SLO County crops keep my creative juices flowing and my recipes imaginative.

Don't forget the grapes! With over 26,000 vineyard acres in SLO County, the abundance of sweet, juicy varietals growing in unique, optimal geographic conditions has led to over 200 wine labels in the county. 
So many tasting rooms. So little time. I've barely scratched the surface.
My quest to discover innovative SLO County products has led to a few favorite finds. I now have more varietals of honey in my kitchen than I ever knew existed. I truly believe you can discover the answer to any of life's problems while savoring a spoonful of heavenly, raw, unfiltered honey.
 Whether running a race on the beach or bumming in the sand, I've logged many beach hours during the past year. I will continue to explore the stunning SLO County coastline.

SLO County celebrates many of its novelties throughout the year. I attended wine festivals...olive and lavender festivities...a Renaissance Faire..even a surfing competition. But my favorite festival of the year goes to the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival—where "movies matter." Pictured here are actor Alan Arkin (SLOIFF's 2010 King Vidor Award Recipient) and director Norman Jewison (and me, raisting a toast in the background).

But my most beloved memory of the year? A visit from my brother and sister-in-law from Switzerland who introduced us to my new little nephew. He just turned one in July. How time flies!

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Fresh Local and Best said...

Happy bloganniversary dear Elizabeth! I've enjoyed reading about how much you SLO and experiencing it vicariously through you. I also believe I truly that you can discover the answer to any of life's problems while savoring a spoonful of heavenly, raw, unfiltered honey.

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