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Saturday, August 21, 2010

SLO Renaissance

I'm a born people watcher. Not a voyeur—just a curious spectator of life. I can plop my arse in a coffee shop with a good book and amuse myself for hours, finding occasional mirth with the actors that come and go. Some of life's players sit and read by themselves; others chat with friends or colleagues; many simply come in for a fix and go. We all play our speckled roles.
In July, San Luis Obispo County's El Chorro Regional Park transformed into Donneybrooke, an English Renaissance village, and played home to the 26th Annual Central Coast Renaissance FestivalThese festivities brought scores of artistes who immersed themselves in a subculture of late 1500's Elizabethan Costuming, hilarious comedy, and thrilling jousts. Whether costumed or not, we all cooperated as indviduals, collectively painting the town red in this makeshift community. I watched and observed hundreds of participants throughout the afternoon, walking away delighted and entertained.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and hope you find a bit of merriment in this did I. 
 Lively entertainers bemused onlookers with strings and songs. 
Peasants danced in the streets.
Noble gentleman of the Queens Royal Court bespoke eloquently of current affairs.

Celtic musicians and dancers diverted our attention as they flittered about the stage.

The Merry Wives of Windsor wenches belted out humorous, saucy English tunes; reminiscent of taudry bar-speak.

No village is complete without a watch tower.

At the end of the day, I connected with my Scottish ancestry.

Donned in pleated kilts, these brave souls put up a good fight.

Who can resist a knight in shining armor jousting on a giant steed?

Or better yet—a Viking who lets it all hang out!

Hope to see you in Donneybrooke next year.

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