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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SLO Humpback

Patience is a virtue and the third day's a charm. 

Sunday: Although my morning trek out to Port San Luis Harbor in Avila Bay yielded humpback whale sightings far in the distance, the behemoth mammals eluded my camera.

Monday: After work, my drive back to the Harford Pier yielded no sea monsters whatsoever except for the bewildering feeding frenzy of hundreds of prehistoric-like pelicans.

Tuesday: My late afternoon at the pier brought a bright blue sky full of gossamer clouds. I walked around, snapping photos of the birds and seals until I grew tired and hungry. It was time to call it a day. No whales in sight. As I walked back to my car I heard a young boy yell, "There it is!" I turned and glimpsed the massive black beast gracefully slide back down into the water in the deep harbor.

My growling stomach quickly went unnoticed and my feet immediately turned around and started walking towards the far end of the pier. The crowd quickly gathered but I managed to inch my way to a prime viewing spot. A few minutes earlier and I would have missed this grand spectacle. So glad I stayed.

Graceful silhouettes of pelicans fell from the sky on this beautiful summer day.
There he is!
Every time the whale made an appearance above the water, the crowd on the pier went wild with cheers of disbelief. I don't know when I've been part of such a collective mass of grateful people. We were stunned, in awe, and knew that we were witnessing something larger than life
(no pun intended).
Pure bewilderment.
 Here are a few brief video clips of today's fortuitous sighting.

Live Large.

All text and photos Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth in SLO. All Rights Reserved.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

SLO Frenzy

This morning's adventure is one I'll never forget. In fact, the flurry of activity I witnessed easily falls into the category of one of the most amazing sights I've ever beheld.

You see, yesterday I heard about the humpback whale sightings in Avila Bay. I couldn't let an opportunity like this pass me by, so this morning headed out bright and early to the Harford Pier at Port San Luis Harbor. The sun was barely breaking through the fog and the surrounding hills and water sat silently as if a storm was just about to break. 

Break, it did. As I walked towards the end of the pier, hundreds of pelicans swarmed in full swoon. These long-beaked, pouchy-throated aerial water birds soared in droves; their cacophony of squealing clatter enraptured a small audience of walkers, tourists, and fisherman.

This fortunate small crowd delighted as hundreds of these pterodactyl-like birds shrieked and whooshed, swooped and flewmany of them plunging head-first into the deep blue sea for the ocean catch of the day. And then there were the whales.

In the distance, these giant beasts raised their monstrous black bodies every so often, teasing the onlookers. Sea kayakers followed as did the birds. The colonies of squawking pelicans flew madly about the bay, filling the sky and the sea below. 

Although I wasn't able to catch any pictures of the fleeting glimpses of colossal whales as they dipped in and out of the ocean and spouted their blowholes, this morning belonged to the birds. I'm not sure words or pictures can capture this awesome phenomenon, but here are a few rough video clips as well as some photos. 

When I arrived, the sun and blue skies lay hidden behind the morning fog.
Pelicans swooned everywhere.

Literally, hundreds of them.
The schools of fish caused quite a feeding frenzy.
Eventually the sun came out on both sides of the pier.
Although I didn't have any luck capturing photos of the whales, look in the middle of this picture (where the birds congregated on the sea's surface) to see where one of these water beasts hovered below. 
Fossil evidence of pelicans dates back 30 million years.
All text and photos Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth in SLO. All Rights Reserved.
Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited except without express written permission. 
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