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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Central Coast Oyster Festival 2013

I can slurp a raw oyster just fine. Follow it down with a swish of sparkling wine, even better. But last Saturday I discovered oysters in a new light. At the Second Annual Central Coast Oyster Festival, San Luis Obispo County chefs and restaurants elevated these shell bearing bi-valve mollusks to new culinary heights.

Barbequed, wrapped in puff pastry, served as ceviche, name it, oysters were the edible star of the show. Gobbled up all day long at this live music festival by thousands of guests, serenaded by the nifty sounds of musical acts Smallpools, Vokab Kompany, Diego's Umbrella, TROPO, Forrest Day, and He's My Brother She's My Sister, local oysters rocked the house. 

Sojournersmany under the guise of food and music enthusiasts, others masquerading as locals and out-of-towners who just wanted to hang out in the relaxed atmosphere and listen to live tunesconverged on the inviting green grasses of the Morro Bay Golf Course. Surrounded by modern art installations; rows of food, beer, wine and art vendors; and studded by the SLO Brew Music Stage, this noon-to-eight party brought the ultimate field day.

Located just a stone's throw from Morro Bay Harbor, coastal fog and a cool atmosphere made an appearance, only to get squashed by the sun's shimmering arrival. But no matter what the sky delivered, the mellow, contented crowd jived to the melodic tunes and indulged in the audacious oyster fare that was par for the course. 
Oysters, oysters, and more oysters were the hotand colditem of the day. Pictured on the far right is the cool creation of Executive Chef Neil Smith of Windows on the Water in Morro Bay. Oyster ceviche! An elegant fusion of papayas, tomatoes, coconut milk, macadamia nuts and micro greens accompanied this raw, citrus-marinated, tasty bite from the sea.

Hot-off-the-grill giant oysters! Morro Bay's Tognazinni's Dockside Restaurant kept the hungry crowd coming back for more of these freshly shucked giant monsters, smothered in butter, garlic and lemon.

SLO Brew, a major sponsor of the Central Coast Oyster Festival, served up specialties from their brewpub and produced the music stage. I imbibed in their spunky Reggae Red, a dry-hopped red ale made with wheat malt and roasted hemp seeds.

At this gratifying festival, there was something for everyone. Everything from cigars, artwork, beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, oysters galore, as well as tasty bites from the land were available for purchase. After I'd had my fill of oysters, I sat down on a plush red velvet chair at Granada Bistro's Gypsy Caravan and devoured a tasty beef slider covered in delectable melted cheddar cheese.

The art installations set up for the day's spirited event, rigged by Bamboo DNA and SpinCycle, granted striking symmetrical bamboo structures and shady lounge areas. 
Supposedly Casanova used to breakfast on 50 oysters. The Aphrodisiac Lounge was the place to hang for a shuckin' good time.
Pictured from left to right, musical greats: He's My Brother She's My Sister; Diego's Umbrella; and the headliners, Smallpools. The idyllic golf course presented the perfect backdrop for guests to set up chairs and take in the sounds.
This colorful critter rocked to the sterling harmony of indie pop band, Smallpools.

Oysters. Music. The Central  Coast. 

Shuck on!

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