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Friday, December 6, 2013

San Luis Obispo Sparkle

I have little tolerance for Christmas decorations popping up in stores prior to Thanksgiving. But once our national feasting day officially came and went and December 1 descended upon us, I felt ready to ring in the remaining end-of-year festivities. Only one problem remained: last Sunday's cerulean blue horizon and 80 degree temperatures. The weather just didn't suggest a holiday mood. 

So I went in search of my own yuletide sparkle and headed to Laetitia Vineyard & Winery. Perched in the Arroyo Grande hills at the southern end of San Luis Obispo County, Laetitia's grand tasting room is surrounded by their 620-acre vineyard, where since the 1980s they've been producing estate wines. Renowned for their sparkling wines, crafted in the classic "Méthode Champenoise"—the arduous process used in the French Champagne region where the effervescence is achieved by secondary fermentation in the bottle—Laetitia is second to none when it comes to bubbly.

Laetitia offers an impressive tasting menu and guests can imbibe in five pours of their own choosing. Some might be inclined to start with just one of the many sparkling selections before moving on to sip Laetitia's estate varietals; such as chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, or even a Rhone varietal from their label, Nadia, which sources grapes from nearby appellations. But not me. I lolled over the holiday sparkle. 

I explored the Brut Cuvée non-vintage, the Cuvée M 2009, the Brut Coquard 2008, the Brut de Noirs 2010, and finally the Brut Rosé 2009. Sipping through these five dry, fizzy gems galvanized my holiday spirit. 
I envisioned tall flutes filled to the brim, pairing well with holiday fare and festivities. 

I also hit their winery trail, which meandered through the auburn-colored estate vines. 
During this short walk I felt the sun's blush and peered all the way to the ocean.

Although the upcoming holiday season clashed with the gorgeous weather, I have no grumble. 
After sipping Laetitia's effervescent creations and exploring their peaceful surroundingswhere guests can relax comfortably while picnicking and sipping a bottle of wine outside who could complain?

 Later in the week, wintry weather finally nudged its way into San Luis Obispo County. 
With freezing night temperatures and chilly days, I imagine Laetitia's vigorous fall leaves found their final resting place.

With the onset of this brisk week and the official start of the Christmas season, a relative and I decided to ring in the holidays by dining at the landmark Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo City. The pink inn's jubilant decorations are over the top and not to be missed during this cheery time of year. I couldn't resist indulging in a little more bubbly (pink Spanish cava) to continue soaking in the holiday sparkle. 

There are countless ways to trumpet the end-of-year festivities.
Regardless of the weather, enjoy the dazzle of this season!

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