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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Northern Elephant Seals: Molting Season

San Luis Obispo County is full of hulking beastsjust look north to the Piedras Blancas seal rookery. Located on Highway One, just a few miles north of San Simeon, this remarkable point of interest provides a safe refuge for thousands of migratory giant elephant seals that shore up twice a year on California's Central Coast. 

During the month of April, hordes of females and juvenile seals return to shore for the molting season, followed by the sub-adults and adult males that start to arrive in early May. Each seal remains on shore for one month to grow new skin, shed their old, and rest. Legions of locals and tourists show up as well. 

Upon arrival at the rookery, it's easy to find fascination in the seals' resting patterns, sand-flipping, and signs of molting.
Along the half-mile elephant seal boardwalk and trail, human visitors can meander along the path and pause at the sight of these behemoth marine mammals.
When visiting the rookery, you can extend your visit by walking along the bluffs for a short yet breathtaking hike. Part of the California Coastal Trail (CCT), a network of public trails that runs along the 1200-mile California coastline, just look for the entrance at the northernmost end of the parking lot. Piedra Blancas Light Station provides an impressive backdrop in the near distance.
If you meander along this path, you will find seals resting along watery enclaves with other whimsical creatures.
Just a few of the many faces of the Piedra Blancas seal rookery.

You can view these colossal elephant seals for yourself by visiting the California Central Coast.
Suit yourself!

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