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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

San Luis Obispo County: Summer Beaches

Montana de Oro shining on a beautiful August day.
It's no secret: fickle weather pervades San Luis Obispo County throughout the year. 

Recently we've enjoyed cool, foggy summer mornings that segue into warm, sunny afternoons. As long as this oscillating trend continues, I'd like to offer a suggestion: go to the beach. 

SLO County cradles 90 of California's 840 miles of coastline, offering residents and vacationers plenty of possibilities for a little fog and sun amidst all the fun.

During this favorable time of year, humpback whales migrate along the California Central Coast, spouting, breaching and tail slapping in the distant horizon. Families take last-minute seasonal trips to the Pacific edge, soaking up fresh ocean air and cool open waters. Locals head to their favorite waterfront, reveling in their utopian surroundings. 

Over the last few weekends, I've basked in the not-too-hot sun at more than a few local beaches, finding something unique and awe-inspiring at each locale. Long live the simple life of traipsing through sand, finding exhilaration in the open wind, and snapping photos along the way. 

Below are a few coastal venues to help you capture a taste of the briny SLO life. Further down you'll find a compilation of websites that might help you narrow down your beach of choice. Don't forget to check the local weather report

While hiking along the Bluffs Trail in Montaña de Oro, I zoomed my camera far and long to capture this awesome whale's tail.
At Cambria's Moonstone Beach, this heart-shaped cloud taught me that all is well. 
Moonstone Beach also entertained with splashy wave dances.

While I walked along the stretch of sand that joins Cayucos State Beach and Morro Strand Beach, I thought to myself: pure bliss. 
Pismo Beach displayed cool, calm and collected waters. 

Following are some quick links to help acquaint you with San Luis Obispo County's coastal hot spots.  If you're familiar with the area, feel free to let us know about your favorite SLO County beach escapes in the comments section below.
Avila Beach
Beaches near Hearst Castle
Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes
Montaña de Oro
Morro Bay 
Pismo Beach

It's not too late to make a splash this summer!

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