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Monday, March 30, 2015

San Luis Obispo County: Islay Hill Wildflowers

In the midst of the drought and recent heat wave, San Luis Obispo County's velvet green hills are fading fast. But in spite of this unusual summer-like weather, spring wildflowers are thriving. 

This past weekend I traipsed up the open space trail on Islay Hill—the dome-shaped volcanic plug that lies just a few miles south of downtown SLO—and passed by parched wild grasses that practically screamed for water. But as the dusty pathway wound steeply around the hillside, spring beckoned. 

Patches of vibrant wildflowers carpeted various niches of the landscape, providing plenty of reasons to stop and stare, point and shoot. I captured a few glimpses of this kaleidoscopic moment in time.

This seasonal oasis of colors will be gone all too soon. Enjoy it while you can!

A shadier spot on the north side of Islay Hill provides the perfect growing grounds for lush grass and colorful wildflowers. 

Just about every color of the rainbow is currently thriving on Islay Hill. 

All shapes and sizes of seasonal blooms line the pathways. 

The blue-purple lupines are divine, but will be gone too soon. 

For more information about Islay Hill and how to get there, click here

"May all your weeds be wildflowers." ~Author Unkown

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