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Saturday, October 22, 2016

San Luis Obispo County Public Art Festivals

Creativity is contagious throughout San Luis Obispo County. As we “moove” into the autumn season along California’s Central Coast, 101 life-size fiberglass cows stand gleaming in various locales around the county. 

CowParade, an international public art event that raises money for local non-profits, brings sponsors and artists together to create expertly crafted bovines. One-of-a-kind works of art such as “The Vineyard Diva,” “Dia de Los Toros,” “Moo with a View,” “Joie de Vivre,” and “Cow-a-fornia Cow” are on display until May 2017, when they will be auctioned off to charity. 

To track down SLO County’s embellished cattle, visit CowParade’s website for a trail map.

While you’re out exploring the cow trail, consider heading north on Highway 1 to visit the offbeat coastal community of Cambria. The annual Cambria Scarecrow Festival unleashes the power of imagination during the entire month of October. Over five hundred whimsical scarecrows greet visitors outside Cambria and San Simeon businesses, where folksy creations like “Queen of the Sea,” “Barb-B-Crow,” and “Buttercup,” are definitely not your average straw decoys.
If scarecrows and cows can transform into public art, then why not surfboards? The sleepy seaside town of Morro Bay is hosting its third annual Surfboard Art Festival. Used surfboards are revamped into artist canvases, and almost 30 boards are on display in various sponsoring Morro Bay businesses. Click here for a map to find where these swell boards will hang through the beginning of December. You can bid on these tubular works of art at their December 3rd auction, with proceeds benefitting Morro Bay in Bloom.
Hopefully you’ll find time to visit these amped up San Luis Obispo County public art festivals, where imaginative cows, scarecrows and surfboards display artist’s visions, create community spirit, and ignite your creative senses. Enjoy!
"Dia de Los Toros"
Artist: Brandy Maynard
Sponsor: Oso Libre Winery

"The Vineyard Diva"
Artist: Mary Clark-Camargo
Sponsor: Cambria Tourism Board
"Cow-a-fornia Cow"
Artist: Kerry Donlan-Bowen
Sponsor: Ranchita Canyon Vineyard
"Joie de Vivre"
Artist: Debbie Gedayloo
Sponsor: HWY 101 Communications

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